Online teaching jobs from home in Pakistan

This post is all about online teaching jobs from home in Pakistan. There are thousands of jobs online for teachers in all fields. The jobs that I am going to discuss here is home based online teaching jobs for mathematics teachers. In these jobs, the teachers have to solve math problems from beginners to advanced levels. The company that we are talking about is called PhotoMath. Photomath is a company where students upload their problems/questions and the teachers solve them. The price per problem-solving is up to 1$. These jobs have some criteria to be eligible.

  • You need to Pass some Quizzes or MCQs type Questions
  • You need to pass the Company rules and regulations text.
  • You need to pass algebra and other fields tests.
  • You should learn LaTex Language software (mathematics typing software).
Online teaching jobs from home in Pakistan

When you pass all tests then you can solve the problems to make money online. This is the best online tuition job for math teachers. The Question is from algebra, Geometry, Calculus and other fields of mathematics. If you are looking for online teaching jobs 2021 then this is the best and recommended job because in this job you don’t have to talk to someone and you can earn without showing your face on camera.

One thing that I notice is that the company is 100% real but this is very difficult especially the math solving rules and regulations using their system. So if you have decided to join this company then I will recommend studying the whole guidelines so that you can pass all the tests and Quizzes easily. If you don’t know how to start work on this website then you should watch the video on youtube about the photomath company.

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